GES on Social Innovation


The GES on Social Innovation will be a great opportunity to compare, for the first time, the Italian and American social innovation phenomena. As two catalysts for social change on both sides of the Atlantic, ItaliaCamp and the Centre for Social Innovation propose a transatlantic dialogue bridging cultures and geographies to understand the current trends of social innovation and explore what can be learnt from both experiences. Key areas that will be discussed include: the role of the government, the policy and cultural framework that enables and/or hinders social innovation, innovative infrastructures that promote the development of social innovation initiatives (incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, educational resources) and funding models that support innovation (impact investing, grant-makers, investors). 

The event will gather storytellers, idea thinkers, citizens, and representatives from institutions, leading companies and non-profit sectors from both Italy and the USA. Based on their expertise keynote speakers will raise the issues to be discussed in a very short time (10 min). Subsequently, main discussants will complement the speakers’ presentations with personal views and additional issues during a very short 5 minutes presentation each. During the GES participants will have the opportunity to be part of an exhibition presented by Shoot 4 Change.

  • 601 W 26th St #325 New York, NY 10001 | New York