GES on Made in Italy


In partnership with the Expo-2015 Italian Pavilion and in collaboration with the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce, the GES “Dreamed in Italy: people behind ideas, ideas beyond people” will enhance the added value of innovative and successful Italian-American ideas, giving way to the potential replication and adaptation of models that are sustainable and can contribute to promote the made in Italy cultural approach, a know-how and life-style that took generations to build, at the international level and increase the competitiveness of small and medium Italian businesses. 

By telling the story of experiences that have begun either in Italy or USA and that have found their way in one or both countries, the GES will valorize the excellence of reputable, highly innovative and environmentally sustainable Italian-American businesses, start-ups and projects. Some of the business projects and start-ups will be chosen to officially be showcased during the celebration of the 4th of July at the U.S. Pavilion Milan 2015. 

Indeed, considerable space will be devoted to the presentation of case stories and experiences that have produced ameliorative effects, compared to previous conditions, in those areas related to key themes of EXPO- 2015 (food, energy, planet, life).

  • United Nations Plaza New York, NY | New York