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DuemilacredICi (Twothousandbelieveinits)

The ItaliaCamp Association gathered for its '2013 General Meeting, on Saturday, 1 June at the Ventidio Basso Theatre in Ascoli Piceno. Guest of honor was the President of the Italian Senate, Pietro Grasso, with whom it launched a coherent discussion on the ItaliaCamp model, geared towards the promotion of project ideas for the social innovation of the Italian economic system. 

The round table discussion on the topic "Innovation, employment and business" moderated by the Director of RAI News Monica Maggioni, was attended by : Raffaele Bonanni, Secretary of the Italian Confederation of Workers Trade Union (CISL); Diana Bracco Section Commissioner General of the Italian Pavilion at EXPO Milan 2015; Antonio Mastrapasqua, President of the Italian Social Security Agency (INPS) ; Cesare Romiti, Honorary President of the RCS Mediagroup and Francesco Starace, CEO of Enel Green Power.

In conclusion we listened to the extraordinary lectio magistralis of the Nobel Peace Laureate Betty William , with an opening towards UsaCamp the mission to the United States of America, promoted by ItaliaCamp, which forms part of a group of structured project activities with an international theme, implemented in Italy.

An idea that changes you

Innovation Seminars

The four seminars provided an opportunity to demonstrate the practicality of the activities promoted by both the ItaliaCamp Association and the ItalianCamp Foundation, in collaboration with the influential project partners, who took part in the debate, drawing attention to the positive impact on civil society, in employment and social terms. 

These include the partnership with Expo, ahead of the Universal Exposition 2015, which will see ItaliaCamp engaged in running the Ideas Nursery; the synergy with Giffoni for the creation of the GiffoniCamp focused on the enhancement of cultural professions; a collaboration with The European House Ambrosetti with regard to new employment policies for the "New Work Deal". In addition there were the numerous initiatives in the energy-environmental field through the promotion of the Energy Festival.

Travelling across Italy passing through the tale of some strategic projects labelled ItaliaCamp: the States General of Tourism , the development of the first "Ideas Nursery" for Expo 2015 and, in addition, bearing witness to a process of renewal and participation aimed at involving the younger generations in the good governance of the common good, the cooperation that is already under way with Giffoni Experience. Nation Projects with which and within which the flavour of everything that is best about being "Italian" is enhanced. Attending the seminar: Gianni Letta , Honorary President of the ItaliaCamp Foundation; Pier Luigi Celli , President of the Italian State Tourist Board (ENIT); Alberto Mina , Director of Institutional Affairs Expo 2015; Cesare Romiti , President of the Italy-China Foundation; Vittorio Sangiorgio , President Coldiretti Young Enterprise; Alessandra Ialeggio , President of the FeelLand Group;Luca Tesauso , Communications Manager of the Giffoni Film Festival and Gaetano Fausto Esposito Secretary General of the Association of Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad. 

The imperative is to "reverse the trend" to move from a mere consideration about the lack of employment to planning for the new jobs that can be generated. Inventing, therefore, new work by reflecting on the role of the leadership in tackling the new global challenges and responding to the needs for development that originate from the local areas. The project will be discussed at the "New Work Deal" promoted with The European House Ambrosetti as will the positive effects resulting from the SRLs - srl simplified - and idea that originated from ItaliaCamp (6,000 entrepreneurial businesses since August 2012). Attending the seminar: Antonio Catricalà , Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Economic Development; Antonio Mastrapasqua President of Italy's Social Security Agency (INPS);Pietro Ichino , Honorable member of the Italian Senate; Raffaele Bonanni, Secretary of the Italian Confederation of Workers Trade Unions (CISL) and Giorgio Tonelli , President of The European House Ambrosetti.  

Attention turns to the issue of the environment and the creation of energy, touching upon some revolutionary product innovations - winners of the "Your Idea for the Nation" competition promoted by ItaliaCamp: like the remote water meter, the micro-turbine and the device for producing energy from the movement of the waves, right through to the innovative Fluid Energy. Attending the seminar: Alessandro Beulcke, President of Aris - Energy Festival; Francesco Starace CEO of Enel Green Power and Carlo Stagnaro , Director for the Area of Energy at the Bruno Leoni Institute and Enrico Loccioni , President of the Loccioni Group. 

The first Centre of International Research on Social Innovation in Italy - CeRIIS - has been inaugurated. Consisting of the ItaliaCamp Foundation within the LUISS Guido Carli University, with which to offer effective solutions to everyday questions to which neither the public or the private sector can provide answers. Policy ideas, business proposals and innovative services which meet the needs of our ??????. Making, therefore, our research increasingly transferable from the theory of the workshops to the concreteness of daily life, passing the the States General of Health that will be created in collaboration with the most important players in Italy's healthcare sector. Attending the seminar: Flavio Corradini , Rector of the University of Camerino; Gennaro Olivieri , Director of CeRIIS; Luigi Lacché , Rector of the University of Macerata; Gian Luca Gregori Head of the Faculty of Economics at the University of the Marches; Stefano Da Empoli , President of the Institute for Competitiveness; Francesco Sinopoli , General Secretary of the Italian General Confederation of Labour (FLC - CGIL); Tonino Pencarelli , Professor at the Department of Economics, Society and Politics (DESP) at the University of Urbino.