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First ItaliaCamp Assembly

The first ItaliaCamp Assembly took place in the astonishing scenario of Villa Mondragone, in Frascati, from 13th to 14th of april 2012. During the weekend, the Association Board presented to the 150 participants the activities and the development plan for the three most important upcoming milestones (Stati Generali del Mezzogiorno d’Europa, Catanzaro – 30th june 2012; InNovaCamp – Università Pontificia Lateranense, Rome – 20th october 2012; Stati Generali del Centro Nord – Verona, 1st december 2012) linked to the second edition of the contest “Your idea for the country”, allowing the representatives of regional camps to show the results of their activities and plan future steps functional to the common goal.

Guest speakers: Antonio Catricalà, Honorary President of ItaliaCamp Association ; Pier Luigi Celli, Presidente of ItaliaCamp Foundation; Gianni Letta, Honorary President of ItaliaCamp Foundation.

“Ready to consolidate together our change of trend”

( Fabrizio Sammarco, President of ItaliaCamp Association)

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