ItaliaCamp creates networks and develops social innovation processes

It was on one of these evening that that idea of organising a "BarCamp" began to take shape: a theme was selected, one that was challenging for its topicality and its relevance to the prospects of commitment, and questioning itself.

Addressing the problems from the perspective of time, speed and space, in the belief that a crisis paves the way to escape routes and solutions. With the desire to promote unconventional ideas and driven by a good dose of courage in "not" shying away from the extraordinary challenge of human resistance to change. 
The Logic of Barcamp

From this point of view, it reinforced the decision to involve active and qualified figures in politics, institutions, businesses and from the world of academia in a "de-structured" confrontation. The logic of BarCamp, with its open structure, promoted a personal entrepreneurship of ideas, arousing emotions and the birth of new commitments. It opened up unexplored spaces to the desire for leadership of the new generations.

It was precisely the activism of the "Ventialle20" group that lead to the creation of the ItaliaCamp Association in June 2010.

It was the extraordinary interpretative power of the palindrome, the poster that opened the first BarCamp.

Thus began the ItaliaCamp adventure

Local groups began to take shape. They travel throughout Italy and around the world in search of ideas and projects. Rome, Lecce, Milan, Catanzaro, Verona, Ascoli, Reggio Emilia and Brussels marked the path of a project created from the bottom up and that very quickly became a tool for the emergence of social innovation.

Italy, but not just Italy. Crossing the Atlantic ItaliaCamp became the first Italian organisation to bring the BarCamp to Wall Street.

Big businesses and the institutions believed in it: in 2011 the ItaliaCamp Foundation was founded. 

There was a vision of a new model of development: to link those who had a good idea with those who had the financial, cultural and political power to turn it into a reality. And so it was that ItaliaCamp Srl began to take shape, to support innovations and projects that would serve a purpose for the growth of the nation.

In December 2017, in order to maximize the content and design synergies that emerged during the years of activity, ItaliaCamp Foundation  has been absorbed by ItaliaCamp srl, which is developed in all the projects launched with the authoritative project partners. 

Today the ItaliaCamp Group - in its duble setup as an Association and Company - is committed to finding a healthy balance between ideals and practicalities that generate "numbers" and transform ideals into actions. Why all of this? Because it is in everyone's interest.

“it's our interest”


It promotes and supports social innovation with the aim of bridging the gap between the birth of an idea and its becoming a reality.

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This is the group's business division that transforms innovative ideas into impactful projects for developing an economy of solutions that are functional for the nation's growth.

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Our Journey
  1. LUISS BarCamp

    21st november 2009

    The first BarCamp was organised by our group even before the foundation of the ItaliaCamp Association.

  2. The Association was founded

    9th june 2010

    Less than a year later we started up the ItaliaCamp project, forming the Association and launching the first edition of the "Your idea for the nation" competition, which lead us to travel the length and breadth of Italy in search of the best ideas.

  3. The Foundation was launched

    21st dicember 2011

    Following the success of the competition and the adoption of the first 10 winning ideas by some of the country's most important companies and institutions, we then also decided to launch a Foundation to work alongside the Association.

  4. First National Meeting, Frascati

    16th april 2012

    The first Residential Meeting of the ItaliaCamp Association was held in the picturesque setting of Villa Mondragone in Frascati. The meeting was a significant opportunity for discussion and networking between all the representatives of newly formed area Camps.

  5. ItaliaCamp S.r.l. was founded

    19th september 2012

    ItaliaCamp Srl was founded as a development of the experience of the ItaliaCamp Project. Its constitution expressed the will of ItaliaCamp's founding group to enhance, in the best possible way, the expertise acquired over the years with the activities of the Association and the Foundation, providing opportunities for growth to those partners who had a desire and a conviction to pit themselves against the dynamics of business.

  6. Second National Meeting, Ascoli Piceno

    from 31st may to 2nd june 2013
    For its second national meeting, ItaliaCamp invited all its members to Ascoli Piceno, the "Living Room of Italy" in order to move "from the protest to the proposal" and to present the third edition of the competition with USACamp, the first international mission.
  7. Connect Space

    09th may 2014

    ItaliaCamp opened its new headquarters in Piazza dell'Esquilino 5 in Rome where we chose to adhere to the philosophy of "Art at work", making our work spaces places of connections, culture and ideas, featuring works of art by internationally renowned artists, video installations and live performances.

  8. Third National Meeting, Reggio Emilia

    from 21st to 22nd june 2014

    "Value nation, Economy of Solutions", ItaliaCamps's General Meeting in Reggio Emilia launched the first model of institutional advocacy with which to promote, through an innovative model of economy of solutions, new avenues of innovation for generating nation value.>

  9. Fourth National Meeting, EXPO

    "In our interest" is the payoff chosen by ItaliaCamp for the launch of the 4th Assembly held on 10 and 11 July in the evocative setting of the Universal Exposition of Milan. “In our interest" to highlight the network of opportunities that the EXPO offers to the participants of ItaliaCamp coming from all the regions of Italy.
  10. Fifth National Meeting, Pescara

    The meeting’s theme was Education and for this reason ItaliaCamp has chosen the symbolic location of the Leonardo Da Vinci High School in Pescara.
  11. Sixth National Meeting, Cagliari

    The sixth National Assembly of the ItaliaCamp Association is staged in Cagliari: the naming Arcipelaghi Sociali wants to highlight how the ability to innovate depends on a multiplicity of factors: the activation of social relationships, connections, creative contaminations, co-design processes, active participation, membership in collaborative communities, the ability to incorporate diversity in the long run and to promote cultural cohabitation.
  12. Merger between Foundation and Company

    In December 2017, in order to maximize the content and design synergies that emerged during the years of activity, ItaliaCamp Foundation has been absorbed by ItaliaCamp srl, which is developed in all the projects launched with the authoritative project partners.
Our Number
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