03 Aug 2017

Extraordinary Stories – Antonio | Carpooling@Unime

Antonio is the President of CIAM, the University of Messina Computer Science Center, a place of experimentation and innovation. Antonio is also the coordinator of CarPolling@Unime, a project born in the university to meet, first of all, the needs of the university itself.

CarPolling@Unime is in fact an application dedicated to students and teachers at University of Messina, developed with the crowdfunding initiative #SmartME. This project is also part of the solutions and good practices that have been selected with the Call for Practice "Nice to meet you G7!", the Open Government project we organized with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport that ended on June 22 with the showcase at G7allery of the selected projects to the G7 Transport Ministers. The G7allery is the exhibition space we created in Cagliari with the best projects and proposals of the partners’ projects.

The app allows users to contact each other to share private means of transportation (cars and motorcycles) to move between the different university campuses (sustainable and environmentally friendly).

This sharing form can be free of charge or it may include a small compensation with UniMeCoin (economic sustainability). The use of this complementary currency involves the creation of a small fund managed by the University, which on the basis of a periodic voting distributed among users, allows to decide which charity initiatives to fund (social sustainability).

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