31 Jul 2017

Extraordinary Stories – Tin | Osvehicle

Tin was born in Turin and has traveled around the world by teaching and following international clients. His ambition? Revolutionize the transport industry with a "DIY Car", a modular car presented to the Ministers of the G7 Transport.

For this reason, he created OSVehicle, one of the seven good practices and innovative solutions that emerged from "Nice to meet you G7!", the model of Open Government that ended on June 22 during the G7 Transport when the Ministers in Cagliari visited the G7allery, the exhibition space we set up to host the selected projects and proposals on the field of mobility.

OSVehicle provides ready-to-use platforms for the development of electric vehicles - and complete vehicles – modular, and self-driving that enable companies to produce fleets of custom vehicles in 1/2 of the time and 1/6 of the costs.

At the same time, these platforms are reference sources for mobility start-ups to integrate and develop their own technologies. Through the aggregation of several projects, under common versatile technologies and configurations, OSVehicle allows to lower the logistics impact, achieve economies of scale, offer better prices - both for components and for services -, and increase the lifetime of vehicles by more than 10 times.

OSVehicle enables better mobility by lowering everyone's investments.

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