31 Jul 2017

Extraordinary Stories – Mario | Marioway

Mario is a former social worker who invented an electric hands-free wheelchair for disabled people. his goal is to reduce distances, geographical and above all social and relational ones. That's why he wanted to break the idea that those people that are sat on a wheelchair have to look the people standing from the bottom. In June, Mario presented his idea to the Ministers of the G7 Transport.

MarioWay is the project that the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has decided to choose as ambassador of Italian innovation during the G7 Transport. This is one of the seven best choices and solutions that were selected during the Call "Nice to Meet G7!" and exhibited at the G7allery.

It contributes to the improvement of the community from an environmental and social level. In fact, it reduces pollution and oil dependence: in the United States drivers carry about 900 million car trips a day. The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 450 million of these trips are made only by one passenger and are less than 8km long, perfectly suited for the device.

MarioWay is the first truly inclusive wheelchair, as it can be used by able and disabled people. It combines the following features: hands-free, self-balancing, two-wheeled, ergonomic and verticalizing, refined design, and smartphone conncetion.

Thanks to its features, it can be easily adapted to be used by able people even in large areas.

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