31 Jul 2017

Extraordinary Stories – Giovanni | Greenrail

Giovanni worked for 9 years in the rail sector. During this long period, he had the opportunity to take a closer look at the maintenance and expansion of railway lines across the country, monitoring them meter by meter and developing a personal and innovative idea of ​​how to transform the sector and lead it in the new era of intelligent infrastructure.

From his insights, in 2012 was born Greenrail: an innovative and sustainable railway track made of plastic and out of use tires. This project was also exhibited inside the G7allery, the immersive space for the Italian mobility innovation, whose inauguration has anticipated the work of G7 Transport. Together with Greenrail, citizens of Cagliari, representatives of companies and institutions, the delegations, and Ministries of the G7 Transport have been able to see the other 6 projects selected through the Call for Practice "Nice to meet you G7!", The Open Government project we organized with the sponsorship of the MIT, together with a series of proposals from the partners’s projects.

Every km of Greenrail contributes to the reuse of 35 tonnes of plastic and used tires, with a consequent positive impact on the environment. The mixture covering the concrete crossbar reduces noise and vibration, as well as facilitating a better distribution of axial load to the rail superstructure, reducing ballast spraying.

It is also economically viable thanks to the 30% reduction of maintenance costs compared to conventional concrete crosspieces.

It is the only crossbar able to integrate technologies to produce and accumulate energy as well as communicating diagnostic data.

Greenrail has deposited its patent in 50 countries around the world and is waiting in other 29.

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