31 Jul 2017

Extraordinary Stories – Giovanni | Bike+

Giovanni Alli is an engineer from Legnano who started the third era of e-bikes: he invented a kit that is able to turn any bike into an electric one by using the energy stored and created with the movement. In June, the G7 Transport Ministers had the opportunity to try his innovative mean of transport.

Since he was young, he was passionate about wheels and engines, and soon after, he became a “bike addict”. Hence, his life has always been divided between the saddle of his bike and the Politecnico di Milano where, after his graduation, he started working on projects on the field of bike mobility.

Here came Bike+, a vehicle that is more than a bike that was exposed inside the G7allery, the space we set up at in Cagliari during the G7 Transport where Ministers and Delegations had the opportunity to know the "results" of the Call for Practice "Nice to meet you G7!", which was organized in partnership with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

Bike + is the third generation of e-bikes: it's the first electric bike that does not need network recharging. It helps the cyclist only if needed and stores excess energy when the human body is efficient in pedaling. Experimental results show a reduction in oxygen consumption up to 40% in the urban mode.

Thanks to this technology Zehus is developing the first "free-floating e-bike sharing" platform in the world. The initiative, besides having the advantage of the free-floating, adds two key points to bike sharing: Bike+ helps eliminate any urban hill and provides enough energy on board the vehicle to power services such as trackers and data communications; just from the energy produced by your legs, thanks to a truly zero-emission vehicle.

Now Giovanni is building a bike specifically for his summer 2018 trip: the abbey tour in Belgium, starting from Milan.

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