31 Jul 2017

Extraordinary Stories – Antonio | Ribes Tech

Antonio graduated in Electronic Engineering in 2009 at the Politecnico di Milano, and a few years after he gained a PhD in Information Technology. The motto that drives his activity is, “Nove sed non nova”, (from the Latin "a new presentation, not a new concept"). Therefore, Antonio reinvented one of the oldest industrial processes: printing. It is not a new technology, but is revolutionary if applied to the electronic industry.

From his intuition was born Ribes Tech, a start-up that participated to the Call for Practice "Nice to meet you G7!", The Open Government program promoted by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport organized by ItaliaCamp; Ribes Tech was born in 2016 after 5 years of R&D inside the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia.

The product consists of a photovoltaic film that allows any surface to produce independent electrical power. There is an increasing demand for sensory networks for environmental monitoring, infrastructure security, and intelligent agriculture: the idea is to use new or existing infrastructure networks (railways, highways, electricity grids) to create a privileged view of large urban, rural, or natural areas. This is only possible if such infrastructures are equipped with the ability to collect and share information with integrated independent electronic radio devices.

Today, many conventional electronic solutions are available for data collection and radio communication. However, solutions for power supply of such independent devices, without resorting to batteries that limit their active performance, were still missing on the market.

Ribes Tech’s photovoltaic films are the ideal solution to power these independent and non-invasive networks.

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