31 Jul 2017

Extraordinary Stories – Annapaola | CLIMB

The Extraordinary Stories we are telling often start from a single person who is bale to gather group of innovators, or that thanks to an intuition is able to develop unprecedented projects. Sometimes, however, the process is the opposite, there are associations, foundations, and institutions from which solutions and good practices arise. This is the case of CLIMB, a project that was born from the collaboration between the Bruno Kessler Foundation and the Municipality of Trento.

CLIMB is one of the projects and good practices selected during the "Nice to meet you G7!" the Call for Practice organized by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in collaboration with ItaliaCamp on the field of sustainability for transport and infrastructure.

Annapaola is part of the Bruno Kessler Foundation team, who realized that in order to grow, children must become independent, a condition that requires trust in the surrounding environment. Unfortunately, today’s society has produced a generation of children that watch the world from a car seat: this hinders child development and has a negative impact on the environment.

With CLIMB, technology supports independent mobility: it uses IoT solutions to support Pedibus, used by children to walk together to school; it offers a game that motivates children to reach the destination with sustainable means, and then uses the miles traveled to create a virtual journey around the world.

CLIMB is a community-based initiative (children, families, schools) that promotes sustainable mobility education.

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