10 Jul 2017

Innovation Stories: Resilience Festival

"Innovation Stories" is the new format of the ItaliaCamp Association to introduce experiences and projects that enhance culture and peculiarities from our territories and trigger creative processes. 

The appointment is for Friday, July 14, at 19:00, at ItaliaCamp’s offices with ProPositivo, a project born from the initiative of a group of young Sardinians between the age of 20 and 30 years old who in 2012 created the Blog called ProPositivo – an online information channel that is also present on Il Fatto Quotidiano - after three years founded the ProPositivo Association with the aim of spreading and linking virtuous examples and realities that, uncovered by the news, slowly change the world. Through a methodological approach based on the encounter and synergy between the world of science and art, the ultimate goal is to create a dynamic and multilingual environment, capable of linking logic and creativity, school and entrepreneurship, institutions and civil society, public and private. 

The first "Innovation History" is dedicated to the Resilience Festival, a project through which ProPositivo wants to develop a model of analysis and animation of the territorial contexts, with the aim of involving local communities in rethinking their future. The Resilience Festival, which comes to its third edition, will be held from August 21 to September 2 in Sardinia, between Nuoro, Macomer and Bosa. A journey that will focus on the potentialities and opportunities of the area on which the participants will work and which will allow to create human relationships, rather than just professional, between innovators and artists from other parts of the country and local experts and creatives. 
The Resilience Festival, as an ever-evolving laboratory, is looking for new ideas: the ProPositivo Association will host ItalyCamp for a confrontation on the field, followed by the artistic performance "The Resilient Art of Music and Word" and a networking aperitif with Sardinian specialties. 

To participate, you must register here. Passes starting at 18:30.