06 Jul 2017

Innovation on Scene: a stage to communicate innovation

A men is at the center. Everything around is silent. 

He communicates a scene, a story, and everyone follows breathless. Paying attention to any small, minimal, inflection of voice capable of generating images and visions. And when the story is silent, the space around becomes silent, like a space to think and, even better, to create, inside everyone, a vision of story. 

It is the essence of the theater that portrays and represents, or at least tries with great effort of resemblance, dynamics, paradoxes, contradictions, allegories and follies of the human dynamics. One after the other, without limits.

It is something that today seems distant, distracted and absorbed as we are, and in some cases even incomprehensible. 

But there is no need to remind us of Goldoni, of the irreverence of Plauto, or even Eduardo and Pirandello because the theater, or rather the image we have of the story made of voices and movements, is inside of ourselves, in everything we do, think, and write. 

From the gestures we make when we assert, swear, and even love. From the inflection of the voice betrayed by the hot and cold emotions and the consequent breath breaks that draw, even just a few fragments, silence in a dialogue. 

The theater, in short, is something that we have always had close to us, but as it happens with everything we see every day, we often forget about it. And all this comes out spontaneously, when we are in a business meeting, a conference, or an event like in a pitch or talk, when we communicate in front of a group of individuals who, with us, become protagonists because, through the emotions we perceive from glances and breaths, they contribute to what we say and above all to the way we say it. 

With the ItaliaCamp Foundation we decided to use the theater to reproduce this ancient and innate bond between the real-time, and for this reason unrepeatable, and the physical space of representation. But not just to have a glamorous location or scene effects. Our intent is to "give the stage" to those who are at the moment the best innovation paths and experiences in our country with the aim of promoting them and contributing to generating positive impacts through their public disclosure. 

Thanks to the participation of distinguished speakers from institutions, companies, research and innovative startups - including Domenico Arcuri, CEOof Invitalia; Agostino Santoni, CEO of Cisco Italia; Paola Catapano, Scientific Distributor and Audiovisual Production Manager at CERN of Geneva; Laura Caruso and Ilaria Margutti, protagonists of the urban regeneration project "CasermAttiva"; Luca Coffari, Mayor of Cervia; Gabriele Grecchi, founder of Silk Biomaterials' tissue engineering startup; Pierluigi Paracchi, investor, technology transfer and founder of Genenta, the genetics spin-off of San Raffaele hospital in Milano; Stefano Tresca, founding member and mentor of the London startup incubator "Level 39" – we'll do what we do every day in the field of innovation that we pursue and put into practice together with associates and partners (developemnt of scientific research, open innovation, urban regeneration). 

"Innovation on Scene" is thus one of the best ways to communicate some success stories and, above all, highlight the key synergies, interlocutions, approaches and innovative thinking that can help and activate them. And as it happens in every story, the obstacles, the difficulties, or rather the contrasts that at the beginning prevent an opportunity from becoming reality. 

For this reason, theater is the best place to stay: with Bernard Shaw, what is theater if not, in essence, the representation of a conflict between a before and an after, between two elements that ultimately find an idea of dialogue and synergy?   

 Mariano Avagliano, ItaliaCamp Foundation