05 Jul 2017

G7allery: the future of sustainability showcased at the G7 Transport.

On June 22, we wrote a new chapter of Nice to meet you G7!: Marioway, the winner of the call, was presented to Ministers present at the G7 Transport, which was inaugurated with the opening of the G7allery, the immersive space dedicated to the Italian innovation at the Ex Manifattura Tabacchi. 

Inside the G7allery, the Ministerial delegations and more than 300 participants between citizens, institution, and business representatives had the opportunity to experience the best of the Italian development on the field of infrastructure and transport: OSVehicle that provides hardware platforms to create modular and self-driving electric vehicles, and Bike + the third-generation electric bike developed by Zehus, which also enables a "free-floating e-bike sharing" platform. 

During the inauguration of the G7allery on June 20 on the stage of the Ex Manifattura Tabacchi the finalist creators, representatives of MIT, major companies, and institutions have outlined their vision of the future mobility. 

Mario Nobile, General Manager of Information and Statistical Systems at MIT, stressed that the whole Nice to meet you project was designed to bring change in the organization of the Public Administration and to introduce a new paradigm to overcome skepticism towards new visionary ideas, welcoming all the innovations that can contribute to the country's development. In addition, Fabrizio Sammarco, CEO of Italy's Camp, has focused on the "human" side of the project, defining it as an action of "social engineering" that has joined different actors in a common path. A similar idea was exposed by Mauro Bonaretti, Ministry Head of Cabinet, who pointed out that is not the time anymore where the Ministry thought (or hoped) that public policies could be carried out only by the institutions without involving the society. For this reason, it is no longer possible to talk about Great Infrastructures but rather about Useful Infrastructures that are first of all functional to those who use them. 

Then came the time for the local authorities, with Francesco Pigliaru, President of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, who underlined the strategic importance of transportation for an island such as Sardinia. In fact, mobility if not inclusive is a limit for society and can be a barrier for development; hence, the importance for innovation is to make territories central to mobility. The same opinion was expressed by Massimo Zedda, Mayor of Cagliari, who spoke about mobility as a right too often denied, and for this reason stressed the need of a cultural change - partly done already - visible in young people who no longer ask for parking but for new environmentally friendly sharing services integrated with an optimal public transportation. Moreover, Maria del Zompo, Rector of the University of Cagliari, has highlighted the role of the education to regain a cult of knowledge that can develop skills useful to create innovation. 

Among the 7 solutions and good practices selected, Marioway was awarded as ambassador for Italian innovation to be showcased to the Ministers at the G7 Transport, that confirmed once again the will of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to open its policies to new inclusive and sustainable mobility solutions. In fact, Marioway proposes to revolutionize the way society intends mobility: for the disabled, since thanks to the vertical position, it restores a symmetrical relationship by promoting social inclusion; For nondisabled people, since it enables new experiences, new mobility opportunities, and can facilitate mobility within existing infrastructures. 

This new chapter of Nice to meet you has just came to an ended, if you want to experience again the G7allery, here is the link for the pictures. If you want to find out all 7 finalist projects, click here.