03 Jul 2017

Innovation on Scene: ItaliaCamp Foundation on stage

A stage to talk about innovation through the faces and especially the “inspirational talks” of some of its protagonists! 

On Thursday, July 13, ItaliaCamp Foundation brings stage the best paths and experiences of innovation in progress in our country, inside the three programs conducted by the Foundation: enhancing scientific research, open innovation and urban space regeneration. Influential speakers will be on stage to tell their experience with a 7-minute talk to inspire and motivate the audience, thus putting on scene the innovation they have developed. Speakers include: 

  • Domenico Arcuri, CEO - Invitalia
  • Laura Caruso, co-founder - CasermArcheologica; 
  • Paola Catapano, science journalist and audiovisual production Manager - CERN
  • Luca Coffari, Mayor of Cervia; 
  •  Gabriele Grecchi, founder - Silk Biomaterials
  • Beatrice Lorenzin*, Minister of Health
  • Ilaria Margutti, art director - CasermArcheologica; 
  • Pierluigi Paracchi, co-founder - Genenta Science; 
  • Agostino Santoni, CEO - Cisco Italia
  • Stefano Tresca, founding member and mentor - Level39 

The appointment is Thursday, July 13 (opening ceremony at 9 am) at Teatro Piccolo Eliseo in Rome. Here is the complete program.