27 Jun 2017

Fabrizio Sammarco, CEO of ItaliaCamp Srl on HuffPost Italia: The ruins of the castle of Kafka

By Fabrizio Sammarco, CEO of ItaliaCamp Srl 
Published on 21/06/2017 on HuffPost Italia 

We are slowly dismantling the Castle of Kafka: the gloomy and dark structure where unaware visitors get lost by sinking into a spiral of misunderstandings, delays and frustrations, is transforming itself into an open space, in which to activate connections between citizens, businesses and public administrations.

It is a trend of administrative policies over the last twenty years, which thanks to the digitization processes and in particular to the development of the internet network, is experiencing a remarkable acceleration. This is Open Government: a series of models, tools and strategies that allow central and local power management, open and transparent. The main purpose of these practices is to ensure public scrutiny over the government institutions, in order to avoid false line answers like the one that the Mayor (administrator of the Count of the Castle imagined by the Czech writer) gives to the agent K. who discovered that he had not been hired due to a "bureaucratic mistake": 

One of the principles that governs the work of an administration is that one must never contemplate the possibility of a mistake. [...] Errors do not commit themselves, and even if they happen, as in his case, who can say that it is at the end a mistake? 

 But why limiting to scrutiny? Once we have started the dialogue, why should we limit ourselves to checking if we can be proactive? 

It is evident that the significant development of the institutions' online presence (especially with the modern use of social networks) goes in this direction, as well as the filing and cataloging of open data; But it is equally clear that is possible to make another "small" step forward. Institutions, businesses and citizens must start virtuous collaborations to break with the polychrome of creativity the gloominess of the Castle. 

How to do it? If we talk about literature and creativity, the answer comes to me spontaneously: with inspiration. Let ourselves be inspired by what is happening around us to try to imagine new models of creativity and innovation that can bring development, good practices, and solutions to improve the quality of everyone’s life. From the custody of artistic and cultural heritage, to the implementation of health technologies, there are a lot of fields where citizens and businesses can provide interesting tips to the public administrations. 

On the subject, there is also a concrete story to tell, the one of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure which has opened itself to innovative projects on the topic of sustainability applied to the world of mobility. With a Call for Practice dedicated to the G7 in Cagliari, more than 400 people and good practices were gathered. Citizens who gave their contribution to an unprecedented process to open the Public Administration and beyond; In fact, on Tuesday June 20, large companies, municipalities, universities and research centers have exposed the best projects collected within a gallery, where the made in Italy innovation has spoken to the leaders of the Earth. 

We hope Mr. Klamm will not get upset, but in this way there is a chance of even ruining the famous Castle.