12 Jun 2017

Nice to meet you G7! – Opening G7allery: solutions and good practices

The call for practice "Nice to meet you G7!" has come to an end: more than 400 people and good practices participated. Among them, the 100 most valid ones have been evaluated by a scientific committee (consisting of 12 representatives from: MIT, ANCI, Deloitte, Cluster Trasporti, Universities, and field experts) that has selected 7 to be exhibited in the G7allery: an immersive space in our country to focus on the topic of sustainability applied to the field of infrastructure and transport. The inauguration the 20th of June will anticipate the works of the G7 Transport. 

Here are the selected ideas: 

  • Greenrail: an eco-sustainable railway track made from recycled materials. 
  • Ribes Tech: a photovoltaic film that can power any object on which is applied. 
  • Marioway: an electric hands-free segway with multiple benefits for both able and disabled, capable of lifting the user at the same height of his or her interlocutors, bringing different relational benefits. 
  • Bike +: an integrated kit that is able to turn any bicycle into an electric one and capable of transforming the movement of the bicycle into energy for the batteries.
  • OSVeichle: the open source car that can be built in an hour directly in your home. 
  • Carpooling@UniMe: the institution offers a carpooling network based on a virtual-currency that also provides funding to support different charity causes. 
  • Climb: an IoT system that monitors and helps children to reach school through piedibus. 

Find out the complete program of the inauguration of the G7allery at this link and sign up to the event!