29 May 2017

Aspen institute, proposals for the South

On June 22, 2016, the fourth edition of the Intergenerational Table of the Aspen Institute Italia was held in Rome entitled "Welcome to the South? from the "forgotten" South to the counter-exodus of young people". Fabrizio Sammarco, CEO of ItaliaCamp Srl participated in the meeting, with the aim of promoting a confrontation on the common topics among the different generational associates of the Aspen Institute.

From the Table, focused on the spreading of the gaps between the South and the Center-North of Italy, was drafted a document entitled "Proposals of Aspen Junior Fellows for the South". These are projects that can be quickly and easily promoted because inspired by concreteness, feasibility and cost-effectiveness. Ideas to build shared goals with economic and social values. The proposal conceived by Fabrizio Sammarco, entitled "ITeam: for a new economy of solutions", is inspired by the American model of the Innovation Team and wants to give a new meaning to the term "counter-exodus" to enhance the skills of the young people who have left the South of Italy and put them at the service of their own land of origin. 

The project through a national call to identify a number of challenges for territories is entitled to create the ITEAM components: cross-generational multidisciplinary groups composed of professionals and young people, civil servants, with specific and heterogeneous skills born in the South, but moved to North or overseas. These professionals can join the local governments to find the most effective solution to a specific challenge, without necessarily requiring to move back in the territory. This is the core of the ITeam: Italia Team, groups for innovation with a strong “country impact” that works closely with the public administrations to simplify and solve specific problems in the territories. 

With this project, not only talents of the people who emigrated from the South would be valued, but also projects with high economic and social impact for the South would be realized

If you want more info on the topic, you can download the document here.