26 May 2017

ItaliaCamp Association speaker at LUMSA University Rome

ItaliaCamp Association takes part in the event The New Face of Universal Civil Service - Perspectives and Contribution of the Research, an initiative jointly organized by the departments of Humanities and Law Studies of the LUMSA University, and carried out in collaboration with the IARD Institute, which since 1961 is a national reference for youth research. 

The event, scheduled for Friday, May 26, aims to reflect on the role that Universities, Institutions and Civil Society can have within a path that introduces new perspectives for youth between the age of 18 and 28

Young people can participate to initiatives that promote, for example, solidarity, social inclusion, active citizenship, protection and enhancement of landscape and environmental heritage, development of innovation culture and legality. There will be about 50,000 people involved in 2017; on May 24 started the selection of volunteers for the National Civil Service in Italy and abroad. 

The event will be opened with the greetings of the Rector of LUMSA, Prof. Francesco Bonini and then a discussion panel will be opened. 

Mario Pollo, professor at LUMSA University 
Raffaele Savonardo, professor at the University of Naples Federico II 
Francesco Spagnolo , Journalist of Redattore Sociale

Two engagement meeting will follow, the first will address issues of training and employability, while the second will give voice to the good practices. 

Francesca Guida, Secretary General of the ItaliaCamp Association, will participate in this second panel of discussions, together with representatives of the National Youth Forum, the National Coordination of Care Communities , and the Association RETE Iter. The event will be concluded by Luigi Bobba, Secretary of the Civil Service of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies, who ItaliaCamp has recently had the pleasure of hosting among the speakers of #InnovareCon.