28 Nov 2016

Towards Collaborative Practice – Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The event Towards Collaborative Practice, Forum on Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Lecce - Italy, 28/11-02/12/2016", organized by National Agency for Young People in cooperation with Salto Youth Participation Research Centre, Agencies for Erasmus+ program of Denmark, Malta, Hungary, Britain, France, Spain, Bulgary, will be held in Lecce, near the workshops Cantelmo, from 28 November to 1 December. 

The Forum on Social Innovation and entrepreneurship will involve more than 100 participants, among project officer, experts on social innovation and social entrepreneurship, but also other influent stakeholders in the sector, who come from more than 25 European countries. This is the second edition after the one that was organized a year ago in Malmo, Sweden. The next one will be held in Britain 2017, in cooperation with the EU Delegation in UK.