09 May 2014

Connect Space

The role of the arts in the processes of social innovation is increasingly present. By vocation art tends to hybridize with other fields of knowledge and helps to create new languages ​​and new visions of change. ItaliaCamp opens itself up to art and creativity, asking itself how some characters that bring themselves into play can be generators of dreams, collective imaginaries, opportunities and above all they are capable of creating the conditions for coming up with new solutions to existing problems or opening up whole new avenues. ItaliaCamp connects ideas, people and creativity and opens the doors of its spaces to the city. Culture also enters into work spaces transforming them, with the intention of creating a daily relationship between art and the workplace, and creating places of connections, encounters and ideas. ItaliaCamp's Head Office originated from the philosophy of "Art at work", where the boundary between work and play is reduced until it disappears to then generate new forms of creativity that contribute to the creation of social innovation. 

Italiacamp officially opens its offices to the city and has chosen, for the occasion, different languages of the contemporary for living this moment together and rendering emotions, signs, senses and beauty the main attraction. 

 A collective of artists featuring the illustrator Marco Cazzato from Turin, who through his stories in images brings the viewer into surreal and grotesque settings, enriching the imagination with new colours and new characters. In addition, thanks also to the collaboration with the Wunderkammer Gallery in Rome, there will be an exhibition of the works of the artists Agostino Iacurci, Valentina Vannicola, Jef Aérosol and Angelo Bellobono. 

Agostino Iacurci illustrator, engraver, muralist, painter and stage designer, who in his work focuses on the timeless dimension of the play-ground: a symbol of the discovery of play as a social practice and public space "Play is seen as a moment when ordinary life is suspended and there is the foundation of new conventions. Valentina Vannicola, photographer and visionary, characterises her work by transposing the fairy tales into contemporary contexts. The characters in her stories in images are ordinary people who become characters of the great classics of European literature. Jef Aérosol, In his work chooses to guide the viewer, pointing out the points of attention through the use of red arrows and in his paintings populated by crowds that are by definition anonymous he chooses his character to make it emerge into the foreground. Angelo Bellobono places man and the local area at the centre of his work, highlighting the difficult relationship of belonging and identity. The series of portraits sees, as the central figures, both the well known players from the intellectual and political world, and the nomadic individuals that are in continuous definition, characters such as African and Asian migrants with whom the artist collaborates in his contributions.